The Emotional Detoxx - The Therapy That Will Get You Out of Therapy.

Master Your Remaining Issues Quickly and Efficiently

"Complete your therapy with a quantum leap, and dramatically improve the quality of your life."

Dr. Geoffrey Rose — Consulting Analyst and Self-help Author

This Could Be the Last Therapy You'll Ever Need

Consider This...

“If . . . transpersonal growth is engaged with great intensity, then at some point you will climb not just up the ladder, but off it." — Ken Willber

My mentor and analyst, Tracey Woodward, was a shaman, Renaissance man, spiritual genius and, incidentally, the inspiration for the character of Yoda of Star Wars fame. Shockingly, one day Tracey told me that talk therapy must ultimately fail. Fail it must, he said, because words and their accompanying thought forms are actually hidden addictions, subversively in service of the status quo. Talk therapy is valuable. It can get us to the top of Ken Wilber’s ladder. But to finish with therapy and finally be free to simply “be,” we must step not just up, but off the ladder. 

Having had sufficient psychotherapy you are fully functioning, but may feel there is still something missing. Perhaps you sense the possibility of a door in your consciousness you have yet to open, or the vague outline of a few remaining elusive next steps. You are not imagining things. All your previous work has readied you for an unfiltered direct experience of life. 

The last few crucial steps in your process are to distinguish yourself from your thinking, ego and identity altogether, and free-fall into each moment. Without your historical thinking to cloud your experience you will be far wiser and more open-minded. Now you are ready to learn that the Universe is friendly, that you can trust life and be present, moment to moment, without any notion that you must think your way to safety. 

You are now poised to take the breakthrough steps in your personal transformation process that lead to transcendence and the experience of enlightenment itself. They'll take you to where joy lives; where wellness, belonging and oneness are found; and where love flows — both to you and from you.

If the above resonates, let’s meet one another, and see if we can get you out of therapy for good. 

What You Can Expect


You'll be free to live life in the Hear and Now as your authentic self, finally free of your historically limited thoughts and feelings. Open to possibility, you'll be free to visualize and build a new and better life.


You'll discover Creative Flow — our most natural, productive state — that place that is home to the writer’s muse, the lover’s gaze, and the athlete’s “zone ”.  In this state you may revel in your gifts.


With greater clarity and renewed purpose, you'll appreciate each moment as it rises and morphs before you. Met with an open heart and a non-judgmental mind the Universe, in turn, opens itself to you.

Choosing the Right Therapist is Very Important

This May Make It A Little Easier

I invite you to schedule an introductory session with me here in Los Angeles. You can get a sense of me and what I offer, and I can see where you're at in your personal evolution. If we agree that we make a good team, we can begin the process of completing your therapy. If not, there will be no charge for the consultation. 

Online and phone sessions are also available.