Emotional/Spiritual Belief-based Therapy

Disown Every Thought Out to Double-Cross (XX) You

Create More Joy, Success and Wellness


"With the right tools you can dramatically improve the quality of your life." 

Dr. Geoffrey Rose — Consulting Analyst and Self-help Author

What You Can Expect


You'll be able to choose the Hear and Now, rather than continuing to be fixated on your limited thoughts and feelings. Open to possibility, you'll be ready to visualize and build a new and better life.


You'll discover Creative Flow — our most natural, productive state — that place that is home to the writer’s muse, the lover’s gaze, and the athlete’s “zone ”.  In this state you'll be free to be… and become.


With greater clarity and renewed purpose, you'll appreciate each moment as it rises and morphs before you. Met with an open heart and a non-judgmental mind the Universe, with all its gifts, will open to you.

The First Step: Be Free To Be You

It is well known that our emotional health "sets the bar," high or low, for virtually every aspect of our lives. The Emotional Detoxx™ enables us to clear away a lifetime of self-limiting beliefs and emotions by blending profoundly effective techniques from the fields of Psychoanalysis, Metaphysics, Hypnotherapy and Clinical Kinesiology,

Once we let go of these negative energies, we are free to drop our "masks".  This freedom means everything, because authenticity is the key to wellness, true success, love and joy.

The How To: The Only Way Out Is In...

Repressed negative emotions — anger, resentment, guilt and fear — are all rooted in early psychological wounds. We get "stuck" because these wounds tend to keep our focus outward, rather than toward the discomfort and its remedy. 

If we don't go within we go without. This doesn't mean that we have to dwell on the past. Everything we need to address to freely be ourselves is right here, right now. And with the proper tools it doesn't have to take very long. 

Choosing the Right Therapist is Very Important

This May Make It A Little Easier

I invite you to schedule a risk free in-person session with me here in Los Angeles. You will leave my office feeling better than when you arrived, or there will be no charge. 

Online and phone sessions are also available.