Emotional Detoxx™

Disown Every Thought Out to Double-Cross (XX) You

Create More Joy, Success and Wellness


I offer this work to you with the greatest love, the deepest respect, and the strongest conviction that this is the most complete, most efficient and most effective personal growth system. 

Dr. Geoffrey Rose — Consulting Analyst and Self-help Author

Come Home To You

How emotionally healthy you are "sets the bar," high or low, for virtually every aspect of your life. The Emotional Detoxx™ enables you to clear away a lifetime of unwanted beliefs and emotions by blending powerful, life-enhancing techniques from the fields of Psychoanalysis, Metaphysics, Clinical Kinesiology, and Hypnotherapy.

Once you let go of these negative energies, you'll be free to drop your "mask" and be the real you.  This freedom means everything, because authenticity is the key to wellness, true success, love and joy.

When We Don't Go Within We Go Without

Repressed negative emotions — anger, resentment, guilt and fear — are rooted in early psychological wounds. We get "stuck" because these wounds tend to keep our focus outward, rather than toward the discomfort and its remedy.

But if we're willing to look inside, wonderful things happen. We begin to feel emotionally and energetically restored. Then enthusiasm, inspiration and motivation naturally begin to increase. Soon we find we are on track to creating a beautiful life of our own design.

Free Yourself to Be Yourself

The Michelangelo Method


There is a story about Michelangelo that beautifully typifies our work. After the artist presented a wonderful statue of an elephant he had sculpted out of rock, an admirer asked, “How did you ever create such a magnificent, lifelike beast?” Michelangelo replied, “It was really quite simple. I merely removed everything from the stone that was not the elephant.”

Instead of having to create the elephant, Michelangelo knew he only needed to uncover it. He believed that the elephant was already in the stone. We must have the same conviction regarding our own inherent splendor.

Health/joy/prosperity is your natural state. It already exists within you and is yours to experience when you release everything that you are not. What “you are not” — all your fears, doubts, resistances, angers, guilt, sadness and all your issues, even the many doubts you may feel about what you have just read — are your “not the elephant” parts. They are all merely temporary misunderstandings — encrusted overlays — concealing your beauty within them.

Let Your Heart Become Your Mind

Curb Your Thinking (Not Your Enthusiasm)

Over the past 24 years I've had the great honor of working with hundreds of intelligent, curious people. And the most interesting thing I've come to realize is that regardless of how unique, personal or complex our problems seem to us, their solution is almost always pretty simple.

Intelligent people have a hard time believing this. 

Smart people think (and if you've read this far my guess is you're one of them) that if it was actually that simple they would have figured it out by now. The problem is: You can't find diamonds with a metal detector; nor can you think your way to a heart-centered, joyful way of living. This requires an experiential, rather than analytical approach.

To create an emotionally healthy love-based life, there are only three things asked of us — courage, wisdom and willingness. We need courage to go past our fears, and wisdom to challenge our beliefs. These two qualities, in addition to feeling that we've "reached the end of our rope," define the person ready for change. For it's usually only when things get pretty unmanageable that we're willing to try something new. 

If this sounds like where you find yourself, please read on...

The Only Way Out Is In

Muscle Testing

A Priceless Piece of the Puzzle

Our subconscious beliefs and resisted emotions not only run us, they typically make us feel separate from ourselves and each other — and very little good can come of that. What has been seriously lacking in the area of personal growth is a verifiable way to access limiting subconscious beliefs, and then be able to match these beliefs to the deep-seated resisted emotions that keep us believing them. This is the reason why psychotherapy has proven to be such a labyrinthian process... until now.

Through an ability or inability to retain muscle strength, we can quickly gather a vast array of information about ourselves. By using Clinical Kinesiology (muscle testing) we're able to discover hidden emotional resistance, and determine which emotion, when expressed, will return integrity back to our bodies and authenticity and flow back into your lives. This process is a consciousness-based form of energy medicine, and it is why Emotional Detoxx™ proves indispensable as an evolutionary tool.

The end result of this remarkable system is the body’s renewed power to heal, and the person's restored ability to freely be themselves. And when we couple the “lift” we experience from releasing a resisted emotion with the freedom we gain from neutralizing that emotion’s attendant belief system, we have several powerful reasons for using the Emotional Detoxx™ in our ongoing efforts to find success, wellness and happiness.

What You Can Expect From This Work


You'll be able to choose the Hear and Now, rather than continuing to be fixated on your limited thoughts and feelings. Open to possibility, you'll be ready to visualize and then build a new and better life.


You'll discover Creative Flow — our most natural, productive state — that place that is home to the writer’s muse, the lover’s gaze, and the athlete’s “zone ”.  In this state you'll be free to be… and become.


With greater clarity and renewed purpose, you'll appreciate each moment as it rises and morphs before you. Met with an open heart and a non-judgmental mind the Universe, with all its gifts, will open to you.

From Oy to Joy

My name is Dr. Geoffrey Rose, and I was born on the verge of a nervous breakdown — literally. From birth, I was taught that the world was a frightening, inhospitable place. As a toddler, I developed severe allergies. It felt like I was allergic to life. While friends began acquiring dogs and cats as pets, skepticism and self-hate were fast becoming my constant companions. By the age of 5, I had asthma, then a chronic stomach ulcer as early as high school. When I was twenty-one I suffered a psychotic break — my "reality" had become so unbearable that I simply split off from it. Panic attacks were now an all-day-everyday affair. By the time I had the wherewithal to get myself into therapy, I could not remember ever feeling anything but “bad".

Seven years of various forms of psychotherapy preceded eight years of psychoanalysis. Fifteen frustrating years of one type of therapy after the next, from Gestalt to Freudian, yet I was still dependent on that weekly visit. Something was definitely wrong with that. Psychotherapy had become just one more compensation for the terrible sense of “lack” that had always and still lived within me. 

There had to be a faster, easier way to break the cycle of fear, victimhood, and self-hate. There was, and not only did it dramatically improve the quality of my life, but it became my life's work — Emotional Detoxx™.

My practice combines powerful, proven techniques from the fields of Psychoanalysis, Metaphysics, Clinical Kinesiology and Hypnotherapy into a groundbreaking, energy-based approach to personal growth and wellness.


Chris H.

Geoffrey is a rare individual who can provide support to anyone in any endeavor from a very deep level... His ability to consult goes way beyond pragmatic, common practices.

Marsh E.

Geoffrey Rose is a man of great wisdom and insight that he freely shares with his clients. The result: Greater freedom in creative endeavors, career expression, personal relationships!

Paul G.

I had the good fortune of working with Geoffrey several years ago when I was going through many challenges in my life.  Not only does he exude a very calming energy in the room, but his insights and techniques are both traditional and progressive.  

What I mean by that is that Geoffrey is intuitive, in the best sense of the word, and will direct the session to one's specific needs.  He is a master at recognizing the blocks we have in life and has the ability to give one the necessary tools for self-growth. He negotiates with our "better angels" and allows that aspect of our personality to lead, rather than follow.  

I am so grateful for the time I was able to work with Geoffrey, and highly recommend him to anyone willing to take responsibility for their own well being.

Linda B.

I worked with Geoffrey over the span of a few years and he is one of the best therapists I ever had. I have referred several people to him and always get a text from them after their first session which typically goes something like this . . . “OMG — thank you!”  

Today, I feel great, and in hindsight, Geoffrey is the only person who seemed to be able to show me how to step into the the light and out of discomfort, anxiety and even depression at times.  It was clear to me that he really understood how I felt and could show me a way out.  

Marie C.

It's not an overstatement to say that Geoffrey Rose saved me. He was referred by a girlfriend who raved about him. I was going through a terrible breakup, yet again. I was unhappy at my job, overweight and I hated my life & myself. Geoffrey was able to show me how to connect to myself & to the joy that was already in my life, which I was too blind to see. 

Geoffrey is a gentle, kind & wise man. Unlike many other therapists with whom I've worked, he does not dwell on the past, but focuses on the here and now and the future.

He even worked with my ENTIRE CRAZY FAMILY in several group sessions. I didn't expect much, but he was able to navigate us through immense healing in his gentle yet firm style. I adore this man! 

I cannot recommend Geoffrey highly enough to anyone looking for a significant & positive change in their lives. 

When You Reach the End of Your Rope, Let Go!

My Self-Help Book Is Filled With Insights and Hands-On Lessons

Referenced in "Transcending the Levels of Consciousness"  by Dr. David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. — world-renown clinician, author and teacher, and Director of the Institute for Spiritual Research.

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When You Reach the End of Your Rope, Let Go! 

by Geoffrey Rose, Ph.D.

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I Look Forward to Helping You



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Online and phone sessions are also available.

Geoffrey Rose, Ph.D.

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And Finally... a Bit of Journaling Through the Years

I plan (man plans, God laughs) to do more journaling moving forward. Be that as it may, here is a selection of some early entires... and hopefully some new ones.